Why Tango Relationships Work and Why They May Not


They say that women take dance classes because they like to dance and men take dance classes because they want to meet women. At some point, men begin to realize they actually like dancing and women realize they really like men who can dance. And of course, this leads us to what happens when two […]

Learning with Mission Tango


A common question overheard at milongas or practicas is, “ How long have you been dancing?” This is often asked in the middle of a tanda, when curious as to long it took that person to get good.  Typically it takes about 1-2 years to become competent, about 5 years to feel confident and about […]

Pushing Boundaries with Fusion Tango


Some would say true creativity can only happen when we push the boundaries on tradition. Tango has evolved a lot in the past 20 years. But then again, it has evolved a lot since its humble beginnings on the streets of Buenos Aires in the late 1800′s. Although many still revere the “Golden Age” of […]

Studio 1924 Slumberlonga


Do you often wish the milongas would last longer?  Do you wish you could dance in your PJs?  Then the upcoming slumberlonga is just what you need. Starting this coming Sunday, August 31st, Count and Melissa will be hosting their third Slumberlonga at studio 1924. The upcoming Slumberlonga celebrates the second anniversary of Studio 1924 […]

Dancing with Intention


Living with intention means going after your desires with a focus and purpose. Not sitting idly wishing things would change. When you live your life with intention you create more meaning and fulfillment. The same concept can be applied to dancing tango. When you dance with intention, you are present and engaged. Your intent is […]

Milonga Spotlight: Milonga Malevaje

Malevaje opening night. Photo by Oscar Chang

The Bay Area has a lot of Tango dancers. But we would not know it if we attend the same venues and see the same people all the time. Only upon venturing out of ones usual spots does it become obvious the abundance of tango dancers in the Bay Area. Someone mentioned to me the […]

Ney Melo and Melina Mistral Teaching in Bay Area


Many of you may remember TangoVida, the Argentine Tango studio run by Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt. It was a lovely studio in Nob Hill with regular classes, milongas, Comme Il Faut for sale and rotating art work on the walls. In 2011 they closed the studio’s doors and left the Bay Area, and after […]

Magical Tango Moments

Murat & Michelle look like they are experience tango magic every time they dance.

Have you ever had a dance in which time seems to stop and its just you and your partner and the music. Your mind is no longer thinking about the steps or your technique or the crowded floor. It feels like your body is moving automatically and in perfect unison with your partner and with […]

Saying Goodbye to Favorite SF Milongas

Tango at Cafe Cocomo

As many of you may know by now, many of our most popular tango venues have closed recently or will be closing soon. Verdi Club will be having its last milonga this Thursday, May 29th.  The Monte Cristo, one of the bay area’s longest running milongas run by Gary and Nirmala closed its doors at […]

Tango Moments with Jordana

Jordana del Feld at work

When I first saw Jordana’s Tango art from a distance, I could have sworn they were black and white photographs. Upon closer inspection I discovered they were paintings. She is that good. Since she paints with India Ink (a black ink that can be watered down) her work has a soft flowing feel to it, […]