Ney Melo and Melina Mistral Teaching in Bay Area


Many of you may remember TangoVida, the Argentine Tango studio run by Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt. It was a lovely studio in Nob Hill with regular classes, milongas, Comme Il Faut for sale and rotating art work on the walls. In 2011 they closed the studio’s doors and left the Bay Area, and after […]

Magical Tango Moments

Murat & Michelle look like they are experience tango magic every time they dance.

Have you ever had a dance in which time seems to stop and its just you and your partner and the music. Your mind is no longer thinking about the steps or your technique or the crowded floor. It feels like your body is moving automatically and in perfect unison with your partner and with […]

Saying Goodbye to Favorite SF Milongas

Tango at Cafe Cocomo

As many of you may know by now, many of our most popular tango venues have closed recently or will be closing soon. Verdi Club will be having its last milonga this Thursday, May 29th.  The Monte Cristo, one of the bay area’s longest running milongas run by Gary and Nirmala closed its doors at […]

Tango Moments with Jordana

Jordana del Feld at work

When I first saw Jordana’s Tango art from a distance, I could have sworn they were black and white photographs. Upon closer inspection I discovered they were paintings. She is that good. Since she paints with India Ink (a black ink that can be watered down) her work has a soft flowing feel to it, […]

Milonga Spotlight: Sácale Punta

Dancers at Sacale Punta

In Tango, when we think of Berkeley, most people think of the Beat. And for good reason of course. The Beat has maintained its status over the years as a great place for Tango primarily due to the Monday nights Practica and the monthly All-Nighter. That being said, there is now another reason to head […]

In Defense of Tango Competitions

Maximiliano Cristiani & Jesica Arfenoni win the 2013 Tango Dance World Cup salon finals in Buenos Aires. Photo Victor R. Caivano)

Over the years I have heard people complain about the existence of  Tango competitions.  Yes, Argentine Tango is not a ballroom dance. There are no skill levels such as bronze,  silver or gold. It’s a social dance, meaning that people do it for its pure enjoyment. Social dancers prefer not to compare themselves to others […]

Visiting Tango Maestros

Argentina's Facundo Gomez Cross and Paola Palavecino Florence Sanz dance

Its that time of the year where it seems almost everyone I know is either in Buenos Aires right now, will be going soon or just got back. But thankfully, its also that time of the year when many maestros are here visiting us! We are very lucky to have these talented folks in town. […]

What Tango Taught Me About Relationships

Alejandro Gee

I’m thrilled to announce we have a guest post by Sasha Cagen.  Sasha  is an Oakland tanguera and the author of “Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics”.  In this post Sasha explains how Tango is a LOT more that just a dance…   Tango is more than a dance. It can teach us a lot […]

Milonga Spotlight: The Seahorse


The Bay Area is teeming with milongas. You can find them in a variety of places, from dance studios, social halls, cafe’s and bars and sometimes even people’s homes. But one of the Bay Area’s most special and unique milongas is the Seahorse. Located just across the Bay from San Francisco in the charming town […]

Tango for the Day of Love

Homer and Cristina demonstrate the Tango Embrace (Hug).

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Friday. Due to consumerism and pressure to buy stuff on every holiday possible, Valentine’s Day seems to have lost its meaning.  Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating love. And I’m not talking about love just for your partner, but love for your family, friends, pets… you get the idea. […]