Tango Instructors

Instructors are listed by location, although many teach all over the Bay Area. Please check tangomango.org or visit their websites for schedule of classes.

San Francisco

Adolfo CaszarryAdolfo Caszarry

Location: San Francisco, San Mateo
Contact: adolfo@tangozarry.com, 415-810-6040
Website: www.tangozarry.com

For over five years, Adolfo has taught with Christy Cote in San Francisco at Cheryl Burke Dance Studios. Currently, they teach classes at the Verdi Club, focusing on the “close embrace” style.  Adolfo also teaches at and host the popular milonga, “El Arrabal” in San Francisco.  He also teaches occasionally in San Mateo and partners with Carolina Rozenstroch on Monday at La Cumparsita.  Adolfo is also available for private lessons.

Andrea FuchilieriAndrea Fuchilieri

Location: San Francisco
Contact: andreafuchilieri@yahoo.com, (415) 670-0338
Website: www.andreafuchilieri.com

Andrea, a native of Rosario, Argentina, is a beautiful dancer and person and has a wealth of knowledge in body movement and dance. She began her dance studies in 1983 at age six, and has explored many different genres from ballet, classical Spanish dances, Flamenco, modern dance, contact improvisation, Argentine folklore, Afro-Haitian, and many other ethnic dance forms. Andrea is also the manager of one of Bay Area’s most popular Tango trios: Trio Garufa.  Andrea is available for private lessons.

Camille CusumanoCamille Cusumano

Location: San Francisco
Contact: ocaramia@me.com, 415-425-6515
Website: www.camillecusumano.com

Camille lived and danced in Buenos Aires 2006–10, after quitting her day job. She teaches at La Pista with Tom Lewis (Wednesdays) and David Thompson (Fridays). Before tango took center stage 10 years ago, she danced everything from swing, ballroom and Latin to tap, jazz, and the tarantella. She studied with numerous teachers in San Francisco (including Rosy Radiator and Christy Cote), as well as in Argentina. Her favorite “maestros” were those who braved the milongas. Camille embraces all styles of tango—milonguero, salon, Nuevo, uptown, downtown, and all-around town. She approaches tango with a sense of humor and from a Zen/yoga grounding. A writer by default, she is the author of the memoir, Tango, an Argentine Love Story.

Carolina RozenstrochCarolina Rozenstroch

Location: San Francisco
Contact: info@tangowithcarolina.com, 415-260-0579
Website: www.tangowithcarolina.com

Carolina Rozensztroch brings sixteen years of experience as a professional dancer and teacher and has a gift for sharing the essence and beauty of tango. In her country of Argentina, she began her career as a modern dancer and later devoted herself to study Tango with the great masters. She is a member of the all-ladies dance company, Tango Con* Fusion. Carolina teaches at and hosts the Monday milonga at The Slovenian Hall in San Francisco and teaches a regular 4-week series with Gary Weinberg.

Christopher and CarolineChristopher Nassopoulos & Caroline Peattie

Location: San Francisco and Mill Valley
Contact: email Caroline or email Christopher, 415-388-1016
Website: Christopher and Caroline.com

Caroline and Christopher have been dancing and teaching tango for over thirty years combined. Christopher was first introduced to Argentine tango in 1993, and made numerous trips to Buenos Aires to study and learn the social traditions of the milongas there. Caroline taught many forms of movement and danced salsa for almost a decade before being lured to the tango in 1997, and joined Christopher as his teaching partner two years later. Christopher and Caroline have the incisive ability to analyze movement and help improve a student’s technique on even the most subtle levels. In addition, they both lead and follow, giving them further insight into the technique of and relationship between the two roles.  Christopher and Caroline are invited to teach at festivals all over the U.S. and abroad. Christopher frequently DJ’s at the popular El Valenciano Milonga. Please visit their website to learn where they will teaching next.

Christy CoteChristy Cote

Location: San Francisco
Website: christycote.com

Christy Cote has taught dance for more than 33 years, and had specialized in Argentine Tango for the past 15. Christy is one of the most respected teachers and choreographers in the U.S. Her teaching methods have been published in the Argentine Tango Manual by Dance Vision and is complimented by a series of 20 instructional DVDs by Christy and dance partner George Garcia. Christy hosts the popular Thursday Milonga at the Verdi Club with Adolfo Caszarry. She also teaches regularly at the Metronome Dance Collective at 1830 17th Street in San Francisco.

Chelsea EngChelsea Eng

Location: San Francisco
Contact: TangoChelsea@hotmail.com, 415.584.2704
Website: chelseaeng.vpweb.com

Chelsea Eng is a lifelong dancer (extensive training in ballet and modern) and since 1994, a devotee of Argentine tango.  Chelsea is a full-time tango professional: performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher. She has an extensive performance and choreography resume, having taught and performed all over the US and in Buenos Aires. She is the founder and director of the popular Argentine Tango Program at City College of San Francisco where she regularly teaches semester-length credit courses in Argentine Tango. Chelsea is also a member of the all-women tango performance group, Tango Con*Fusión.

ChristaRodriguezChrista Rodriguez

Location: San Francisco
Website:  missiontango.com

Christa is one of the founders of The 8th Style School of Tango in Seattle and was Jaimes Friedgen’s dance partner for many years.  Together they traveled, taught and performed all over the U.S. and abroad.  Now Christa has relocated back to the San Francisco Bay area where she is born, and has started up her new project, Mission Tango with fellow 8th Style alumni, Neeraj Korde.  She takes great pride in the progress of her students and continues to pursue her study of dance with the same voracious appetite as when she first began as a teenager.

David and MarianaDavid Orly-Thompson

Location: Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco
Contact: davidymarianatango@yahoo.com, 510 375 8805

David Orly-Thompson teaching is clear, concise and great for foundation elements as well as advanced moves.  He teaches a popular Advanced Partner class on Wednesdays at La Pista. Learn advanced tango elements utilizing seamless and sensual transitions from open and close embrace. Each week the class learns and analyzes multiple elements of the dance, how to lead and follow, and understand the structures involved.  A fantastic class to help you reach a deeper level and understanding of the dance. David also teaches at various venues around the Bay Area.

 Erin_Doruk_ArgentineTangoDoruk Gölcü & Erin Malley

Location: San Francisco
Website: http://www.erinmalley.com/argentine-tango/

Erin Malley and Doruk Gölcü a husband and wife team in which both are highly skilled in leading and following. Partners since 2004, they have taught and performed in Istanbul, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and San Francisco. Erin began studying tango to complement her extensive training in contemporary dance and classical ballet, and broaden her skills as a professional choreographer. She is an experienced leader and follower, and uses her thorough knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to create and teach beautiful and seemingly effortless tango. Doruk began dancing tango in Ankara, Turkey. He has danced and taught extensively on both coasts of the US. His dancing is characterized by rhythmic musicality, strong connection to the partner, and creative vocabulary; his teaching focuses on clarity of lead, and structural understanding of the dance. They currently teach and run a practica at La Pista on Fridays, and all their classes are queer friendly.

Glenn CortezaGlen Corteza

Location: San Francisco
Contact: sfotango@yahoo.com
Website: www.sfotango.com

Glenn has been dancing for numerous years and has studied with many of the Argentine masters. He has performed on stage productions, appeared on commercials, and performed in many public and private events. In his classes, Glenn focuses on the essentials of social dancing and promotes mastery of the basics. Students enjoy his classes on musicality and core-building fundamentals which includes ear training, mastering rhythms, and dance technique. Students get a broader perspective of the dance and not just memorization of flashy sequences. His website also has some great information on knowing your level, musicality and floorcraft.

Gary and NirmalaGary Weinberg

Location: San Francisco
Contact: gntango@mindspring.com
Website: www.sanfrantango.com

Gary has been dancing and teaching tango for over 20 years. His teaching style emphasizes elegance, musicality, variety, fun and practical moves for use in social dancing. Gary teaches regular 4-Week Tango Courses with Carolina Rozenstroch in San Francisco. They offer both beginner and intermediate/advanced classes.

Guillermo GarciaGuillermo Garcia

Location: San Francisco
Contact: info@guillegotan.com
Website: www.guillegotan.com/

Guillermo García was born in Bahia Blanca, a southern port of Argentina, where he grew up among tango, soccer, barbecues, military coups and numerous currency devaluations. Inexplicably attracted to the shape of the guitar, he started playing Argentine tango and folklore music at the age of 10, and classical guitar at age 15.  As a dancer, Guillermo learned Argentine tango from some of the masters of the salón, milonguero and nuevo styles. He teaches a weekly tango salón class in San Francisco, and has taught numerous musicality workshops for dancers.

Jennifer Olson

Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Contact: tangojennifer@gmail.com, (971) 219-7075
Website: www.tangojennifer.weebly.com
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Kb_I76Q70

Starting her tango career in Portland, Oregon, teaching tango has now taken Jennifer all over the world: to Europe, Argentina and Uruguay, and extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Skilled in both leading and following, Jennifer frequently teaches alone, but has also taught regularly with known tango masters Alex Krebs, Robin Thomas, Evan Griffiths, Damian Lobato, and Martín Bel. Jennifer’s dance is characterized by her desire to strive for versatility. Since tango is a social dance, she believes it is integral to master not only close and open embrace, but also everything in-between. Furthermore, after having a connected and comfortable embrace, nothing is more important to Jennifer than the music. This is transmitted in her teaching, as she approaches every class with a strong command over the music.

Jennifer is available for private and group lessons, djing, and performances. She also sells Turquoise, Souple, Bandolera, Comme il Faut, DNI, and NeoTango tango shoes.

Mayumi FujioMayumi Fujio Tango

Location: San Francisco
Contact: email
Website: www.mayumix.com/Mayumi_Tango.htm

Mayumi is an established Tanguera, known all over the Bay Area as well as in Europe and Argentina. Mayumi started dancing Argentine Tango in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1997 and has since danced and taught Tango all over Europe as well as the US. She has an elegant yet dynamic dance style and is skilled in both close-embrace and Tango Nuevo.  Presently, she teaches privates and “Followers’ Technique” Workshops in San Francisco. She also teaches with visiting guest instructors.

Apart from teaching, Mayumi hosts visiting tango instructors and organizes their workshops around the Bay Area. She also hosts the popular monthly milonga on Fridays, Milonga “El Abrazo” at the Danzhaus.

Luz and AlexLuz Castineiras

Location: San Francisco, Buenos Aires
Contact: email, 510.230.1732
Website: www.luzyalex.com/

Luz lives in both the Bay Area and Buenos Aires.  Her style is fun, playful and dynamic. Luz Castineiras is a tango dancer at heart, a musician, and a music therapist. Aside from dancing tango she plays and teaches piano and has composed several tangos. Her first tango teacher was Rodolfo Dinzel, who taught her how to improvise and create dance, instead of reproducing it. She also finds inspiration in Chicho Frumbolli and Gustavo Naveira who brings an intimate understanding of tango music and dance. You can also find Luz DJing locally at various milongas in the Bay Area.

Julian Miller RamilJulian Miller Ramil

Location: San Francisco, Emeryville
Contact: email, 415-608-4645
Website: www.julian332.com

Julian Ramil has been dancing Argentine tango in San Francisco since the early 1990’s, when the community first became established. With his numerous years of experience competing and coaching in martial arts as well as studying several dance genres (ballroom, ballet, jazz, modern, and Latin social dances), Julian developed a dynamic style of dancing and unique teaching method that has inspired and facilitated the development of a young generation of dancers in the Bay Area. Julian hosts the popular Tuesday night Milonga at El Valenciano as well as Practica’s at ODC in San Francisco and the Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville.

Mila SalazarMila Salazar

Location: San Francisco
Contact: mila@firetigerdance.com, 415 724 7864
Website: firetigerdance.com

Mila Salazar is a dancer, teacher and Tango DJ. She was the dance captain of the Libertango Dancers, danced as a guest member of Tango ConFusion and performed with her own group TangoFlor. Currently she is partnered with the La Pista Tango Studio and is expanding the programming there to develop it into the only tango school of its kind outside of Argentina.  She presently teaches a Tango Fundamentals class on Mondays at La Pista.

Santiago and AmySantiago Croce & Amy Lincoln

Location: San Francisco, Buenos Aires
Contact:info@santiagoamy.com, Argentina (54911) 3201 0886, U.S. 831 920 7444
Website: www.santiagoamy.com

Santiago and Amy teach and perform Argentine Tango in the traditional Tango Salon style. They offer master classes and exhibitions in cities around the world. Santiago and Amy have been dancing Tango Salon together since 2007. They split their time between San Francisco and Buenos Aires, please check their website for their schedule.

Rose VierlingRose Vierling

Location: San Francisco
Contact: rose_vierling@yahoo.com
Website: www.rosevierling.com

Rose began dancing Salsa and Argentine Tango upon moving to San Francisco in 1999. She studied with Chelsea Eng and Christy Cote extensively and went on to become a principle member of Christy Cote’s LiberTango Dancers. She also teaches ballroom dance and graduated with high honors from Ballroom Dance Teachers College. Rose helps people prepare an Argentine tango dance for their weddings and has been called a “talented, enthusiastic and graceful instructor”.

Sonja RiketSonja Riket

Location: San Francisco
Contact: email, (415) 661-1852
Website: www.intimateembracetango.com

Sonja Riket has a unique teaching style that combines her vast experience of a 30-year dance career with 18 years of somatic practice. Sonja teaches a TRANSFORMATION TANGO class that explores Tango from the inside, for healing and connection. Rather than focusing on the moves and the mechanical technique of the dance her focus is on the somatic aspect, how one learns by experiencing. Sonja also hosts a free weekly Tango music and dance event held every Sunday at Café Trieste on Market Street. Tango Revolution “encourages the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience”.

Tom Lewis Tom Lewis

Location: San Francisco
Contact:  (415) 850.5869
Website: www.lapistatango.com

Tom Lewis, the architect and owner of San Francisco’s premier tango salon, La Pista, began studying tango in 2004. Tom, who has studied other forms of energy and movement, such as Aikido, Leonard Energy Training, and Gyrotonics, loves to bring it all to bear in his tango teaching. He has had the privilege to study with numerous tango masters who have come through the doors of his well-loved salon, a refuge of dance, music, comfort and positive energy for the Bay Area. Tom loves cultivating tango partners with good fundamentals who are energetic, responsive, connected, and smooth. Tom teaches beginner and intermediate classes on Wednesdays at 7:30 and the last Friday of every month at the beginner’s milonga, La Milonguita. Visit www.lapistatango.com for more information on workshops and classes.


East Bay

Cristian_fernanda_2Cristian Sierra

Location: Berkeley, Oakland
Contact: info@feeltango.com

Cristian and Fernanda are a friendly young couple from Santiango de Chile that have recently moved to Berkeley, California. In 2011 they competed in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires, and were invited to perform at an important Tango Festival in Mendoza, Argentina. They have traveled and performed all over Europe, including Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Nice.

They bring to their classes an emphasis on feeling in Tango and encourage their students to connect their souls and life with their partner and music while they are dancing. Cristian and Fernanda host a milonga every 2nd Saturday of the month in Berkeley.  Cristian is also an excellent DJ, bringing energy to every milonga he DJs.

Felipe_and_MariaFelipe Martinez

Location: Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco
Contact: tangonnection@gmail.com, US: 510 610 2462

Felipe is a very popular and prominent tango teacher in the Bay Area and frequently teaches all over North America, Hawaii and Europe. Felipe embodies a very fluid style of dancing, moving seamlessly through all ranges of the embrace. His dance is at once dynamic, smooth and extremely musical. As a teacher, his dedication, enthusiasm, and sheer knowledge of the dance always come across with great clarity. To watch him and to work with him is extremely inspiring and instills a real joy and respect for the dance.

Ivan SchvartsIvan Shvarts

Location: San Francisco, Emeryville, Redwood City
Contact: goldenagetangoacademy@gmail.com, 415.760.9374

Ivan Shvarts is the founder of the Senior Tango Program for the Bay Area. He has been the official tango instructor for San Francisco Parks and Recreation since 2006. Currently, he teaches both group and private classes in Emeryville, San Francisco, and Redwood City. Ivan is committed to providing a welcoming space for dancers of all levels and ages to develop their tango skills while simultaneously growing a community built on a celebration of movement and music.  He is interested in how tango is a physical, emotional, and psychological dance that works out the body, the brain, and the soul. His teachers have included Puppy Castello, Nestor Ray, Tete Rusconi, and Gustavo Naveira with whom he studied the techniques of traditional Milonguero style.

Gigi JensenGigi_Pampa

Location: San Leandro
Contact: info@tangoandmore.org
Website: www.tangoandmore.org

Colombian-born Patricia “Gigi” Jensen has danced Argentine dances for more than 16 years, with additional studies in ballet, modern, and ballroom dances. She has taught Argentine tango for seven years, both her own classes and as Pampa Cortes’ assistant. Ms. Jensen performs in Ballet Pampa Argentina as Pampa’s partner as well as in the all woman folkloric troupe Las Estrellitas directed by Pampa. Gigi teaches with her husband, Warren, on Sunday afternoons in San Leandro.

Photo: Gigi Jensen dancing with Pampa Cortes

Daniel and PierDaniel Peters & Pier Voulkos

Location: Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco
Contact: email, 510-533-8112
Learn More

Daniel Peters and Pier Voulkos are former professional modern dancers who discovered Argentine Tango several years ago. They have performed Argentine Tango throughout California as soloists and in collaborative Tango performance groups.  Pier is also a founding member, dancer, and choreographer with Tango Con*Fusión, an all woman tango group.  Daniel Peters has been known to DJ with vinyl records using two turntables and mixer at several SF milongas as well as create beautiful 16mm tango films. Daniel and Pier currently teach in San Francisco at the Metronome Dance Center and at Cellspace. In Berkeley, they teach Argentine Tango Foundation and Progressive classes at The Beat on Thursday nights.

homer_cristina2014Homer & Cristina Ladas

Location: Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco
Website: Organic Tango School

Homer and Cristina are two of the most popular tango teachers in the Bay Area and around the world. They are known for their “organic” dancing style and clear, concise teaching methods. Each brings with them over sixteen years of social dance experience emphasizing a fusion of tango ideologies, via the ‘one tango’ philosophy. Both also have a pre-tango background in many other physical activities. Homer is also a founding member of the non-profit Project Tango organization whose biggest local projects include the weekly Cellspace alternative milonga and the Tango Exchange. In 2013, they decided to spend a lot more time in the Bay-Area and have started “The Organic Tango School” a website with video lessons. Please visit their website for the latest updates.

Lisette PerelleLisette Perelle

Location: Oakland, San Francisco, various bay area locations
Contact:  email, (510) 282-8118
Website: www.lisetteperelle.com

Lisette is known as one of the best Tango dancers in the bay area with an impressive dance resume to back it up.  She has performed and taught tango all over the US and in Buenos Aires.  She is an elegant dancer and patient teacher who concentrates on the techniques necessary for smooth, powerful and beautiful dancing. She works with the whole body focusing on connection, alignment, lines and beautifying steps.  Please visit her website to see her class schedule.

Marcelo Solis TangoMarcelo Solis

Location: Berkeley, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Mountain View, San Francisco
Contact: email, USA 415-412-1866, Buenos Aires 154-435-3093
Website: escuelatangoba.com/marcelosolis

Marcelo Solís was born in Rosario, Argentina. He has been an Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and instructor for over 25 years. He has taught and performed in Argentina, USA, Canada and Europe. Among other recognitions, Marcelo was one of the jurors of the First USA Tango festival and Championship that took place in San Francisco on April 2011. In regard to teaching, Marcelo emphasizes musicality and the connection of dance partners to each other and the music.  Marcelo stresses that Tango is a social dance framed by a specific set of values that are expressed through a series of codes of etiquette; and he encourages and promotes his students ability to improvise on the dance floor. On November 2011, Marcelo and associates from the Bay Area and Buenos Aires established the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires (ETBA). The purpose of ETBA is to help people find connection through Tango and to assist them achieve their full expression at every milonga they go to, anywhere in the world. Marcelo teaches all over the Bay Area; visit his website for class schedules.

Nicholas Tapia and Stephanie Berg

Location: East Bay
Contact: nico.stephie@gmail.com

Nicholas and Stephanie are professionally trained dance teachers with 34 years of experience between them.  “With our innovative teaching techniques we build amazing dancers in mind and body”. They both dance and teach everything, including Salsa and Ballroom, but as a partnership, they are especially invested in Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing. As their students would put it, “they’re danceaholics!” Nicholas and Stephanie won the 2014 USA Tango Championships held in San Francisco.

Sean & Juliana DockerySean and Juliana

Location: Berkeley
Contact: (510) 909-4924, seancharity@yahoo.com
Website: open-tango.com/aboutsean.html

Sean Dockery has been involved in tango at many levels: as a dancer, teacher and musician. His partner and wife, Juliana is an enthusiastic and passionate dancer. She has a style that is both elegant and intense. They bring to every class their shared and varied teaching, dancing, and musical experiences along with a spirit of exploration.

Mirabai and George Garcia TangoMirabai Deranja

Location: Oakland
Contact: morticia.atoms@gmail.com, 510-394-7478
Website: www.miratango.com

Mirabai has been dancing since a child, and is very skilled in a variety of dance styles. She studied Tango intensively in Buenos Aires for 5 years and spent the last 6 years touring the world teaching Tango. She placed 2nd in the 2012 USA Argentine Tango Championship Stage Category. She presently teaches group classes at Allegro Ballroom and Lake Merritt Dance Center.

Nora and EdNora Olivera & Ed

Location: San Francisco, Emeryville, Sunnyvale
Contact: tangoweek@hotmail.com, (650) 348-1140
Website: www.tangoweek.com

Nora has taught at universities, colleges and tango associations throughout the United States and Europe. She is the co-founder of the Bay Area Tango Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the traditions of Argentine culture. She is the co-founder of Nora’s Tango Week held every July since 1998.  Nora and Ed host “La Milonga de Nora” every second Saturday of each month at Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville.  They teach in San Francisco at the Mission Cultural Center (Wed & Sat), in Emeryville at the  Allegro Ballroom (Tuesdays), and in Palo Alto at Etz Chayim Congregation (Thursdays).

Jean-Pierre SigheJean-Pierre Sighé

Location: Oakland
Contact: (510) 444-YOGA (direct line in studio) 0r (510) 390-2886
Website: www.tangomagdalena.com

Jean-Pierre of West Central Africa’s Cameroon nation grew up in a cultural environment where dancing was part of normal living. He has been dancing Tango since 1998 and believes every one of the Tango Masters opened an enriching window in his mind. As well as dancing, Jean-Pierre is a talented musician. His music combines African melodies and rhythms from Cameroon with European and American styles of music arrangement. “Music cannot be confined to the narrow space of one’s own country or people. It is a universal gift of God to mankind.” Jean-Pierre runs the Magdalena Milonga in Oakland and is a big supporter of live Tango music at his milongas.


North Bay

Debbie Goodwin and John Campbell TangoDebbie Goodwin & John Campbell

Location: San Anselmo, San Francisco
Contact: Debbie@AlmaDelTango.org
Website: www.almadeltango.org

A dancer since childhood, Debbie began teaching and performing Argentine Tango in 1996. She holds a bachelors Degree in Dance and a Masters in Dance Education. Debbie is the organizing force behind the formation of the all woman Tango Con*Fusión Dance Company. John has studied intensively with a variety of teachers in the US and in Buenos Aires. John and Debbie have worked together since 1996 developing their own style and teaching methods. They teach at Knights of Columbus Hall in San Anselmo offering a full program of classes from beginning to advanced levels, a weekly practica, monthly milonga and an annual student’s theatrical dance production.

David and LuluDavid Caditz & Lulu

Location: Sausalito
Contact: dcaditz.tango@gmail.com
Website: tango.caditz.com

David Caditz began his study of Argentine Tango in the early 1990s in the dance department of Stanford University. He then spent several years in Argentina learning from masters such as Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. In 2000, David founded the TangoMontana school in Bozeman Montana. In 2006, he relocated to San Francisco where he continues to perform and teach group and individual lessons. David is known for clear, concise teaching and dynamic dancing with an emphasis on partnership, musicality and intimate lead and follow. David  teaches with Lulu Hung at the Sausalito City Hall, 420 Litho St, Sausalito, CA.

David is also the author of “Changing Directions – A Concise Guide to the Topology of Tango”, an in-depth analysis of the geometrical structure of Argentine Tango.  You can purchase Changing Directions on Amazon.com

Jonathan and OliviaJonathan Yamauchi & Olivia Levitt

Location: San Rafael, San Francisco, Burlingame
Contact: Jonathan at 925.899.4611, email Jonathan, or Olivia at 650.834.5658, email Olivia
Website: tangoapilado.com

Jonathan Yamauchi has danced Argentine tango since 2000, and has been greatly influenced by Carlos Gavito’s renowned sensuous and intimate close embrace style. Olivia Levitt has over 25 years of classical ballet training and was a principal dancer in the New York Theater Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet and the Oakland Ballet. Her classical training gives her an astute insight into technique that allows her to create beautiful adornments and express delicacy in movement.  For the past six years, Jonathan and Olivia have held an afternoon milonga at The Belrose Theater with group and semi-private classes prior to the milonga. They also teach in San Francisco at La Pista and in Burlingame during the week.


South Bay

Jesica_Gustavo_2013-webGustavo & Jesica Hornos

Location: San Mateo and Mountain View
Contact: info@tangoclasses.com,  (415) 573 5735
Website: www.tangoclasses.com/

Gustavo and Jesica Hornos, from Buenos Aires, are the Official 2011 USA Tango Stage Champions. They both have been dancing since they were very young.  Jesica is also a trained ballerina. These two dance with class and style and are amazing performers.  Most recently, they were dancers in the tropicana scenes of the HBO movie “Hemingway and Gellhorn”.They hold regular classes at the Motion Arts Center in San Mateo and at the Cheryl Burke Dance Studio in Mountain View. Watch a video of Jesica and Gustavo dancing.

David & Nancy MendozaDavid and Nancy Mendoza

Location: San Mateo
Contact: 415-468-9226
Website: www.dndance.com

David and Nancy have an extensive history in dancing, performing, teaching and choreographing Argentine Tango and Salsa Romantica. Tango and Salsa have influenced their lives for over a decade and a half.  The Mendoza’s teach salon style,  stressing the social aspects of Tango, spontaneity, smooth floor navigation, and leading and following techniques. Nancy was one of the original 30 dancers who founded the Bay Area Argentine Tango Association. David has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1994 was a dancer with Pampa Cortes “Los Tangueros de San Francisco”. David and Nancy currently host “La Milonga de los Mendoza” in San Mateo and teach Argentine Tango classes at the Beresford Recreation Center in San Mateo.

Igor PolkIgor Polk

Location: San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont
Contact: webmaster@virtuar.com, 510-582-8711
Website: www.virtuar.com/tango/

Igor Polk founded Palo Alto JCC Zina Tango Club, in 2007 where he presently conducts classes several times a week. Igor’s philosophy in tango is to dance well, free and innovatively. Igor is also a master of rare traditional styles: Orillero, Canyengue and Apilado as well as more popular Salon and Milonguero. Since 2009 he has partnering with Cecilia Sung, a versatile and elegant dancer. Igor also teaches TANGO YOGA that focuses on correct alignment and the inner workings of your body while dancing Tango.

Ken Delmar with Natasha NgKen Delmar

Location: San Francisco, Brisbane, Daly City, Colma, and surrounding areas
Contact:  info@sftango.com, 415-468-8000
Website: www.sftango.com

A  native of San Francisco, Ken has over 19  years of Tango teaching experience covering Argentine Tango, Milonga, Vals cruzada. During his teenage years, Ken was the principal dancer with the Peninsula Ballet Theater.  At 16 years old, Ken received an invitation from the Bolshoi Ballet to tour the U.S. with them, and to study in Moscow afterward. Beginning in 1990, Ken passionately embraced the Tango, studying extensively in Argentina under the most renowned Tangueros. In 1995, he was awarded 2nd Place in the Buenos Aires Radio Tribu Tango Contest, an unprecedented achievement for an outsider. He went on to win the Supreme Dance Award at the California Winter Festival. During the 1990’s, Ken founded  five important milongas in San Francisco: Mission Blue Milonga, Monte Cristo Club, Studio 435 Broadway, Verdi Club and Tango Soma at Studio Gracia. In addition, he was the founder of the Argentine Tango Programs at the Metronome Ballroom and Studio Gracia. Ken presently teaches at Studio Gracia in San Francisco, Skyline College in San Bruno and the College of San Mateo. Class descriptions and registration information can be found here.

Natasha NgNatasha Ng

Location: San Francisco, Brisbane, Daly City, Colma, and surrounding areas
Contact:  natasha_ng@sbcglobal.net, 415-225-3878
Website: www.sftango.com

Natasha, a native of Argentina, brings special insights into the lesson for both followers and leaders. On Tuesdays she teaches a popular Fundamental Argentine Tango Technique class that focuses on Tango walking, posture, embrace, navigational skill, musicality, molinetes, ochos, Tango etiquette and more.  A practica follows the class held at Studio Gracia at 19 Heron Street in San Francisco. Natasha also hosts the popular Sunday Milonga also held at Studio Gracia.  Natasha organizes the workshops for many famous Argentine dancers such as Gabrielle Misse, Natalia Hills, Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi.