Tango Clothes

Below are a few suggestions as to where to purchase unique Tango clothing.  Find even more suggestions on SF Loves Tango Pinterest Page.

Tango Clothing Vendors


Atelier Vertex

One of San Francisco’s favorite Tango DJ, promoter, and dancer, Rina Gendelman, is now designing beautiful, custom made Tango clothes. Rina’s designs are inspired by more than 15 years of dancing tango and creating elegant and feminine dresses, skirts and tops.  She loves working with finest selections of silks such as  antique satin, charmuese, chiffon, crepe georgette, and crepe de chine. Rina can also design a custom made Tango dress or outfit for you and also does tailoring and alterations. These fun, playful, sexy outfits are available for purchase on  her Atelier Vertex Etsy store.

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Hannah Louise makes beautiful, fun to wear, handmade tango clothing. She is based out of Portland, Oregon. Everything in the shop is one-of-a-kind and ready to ship.

They have a new website, making it easy to browse and shop!

Poema is: opulent dancewear for Argentine tango, designed for dancing late into the night. Each garment is carefully hand made from luxury materials by the designer (Hannah Louise Poston).

PurpleFlow-AudacityDressRana Satori Design

Although these are not specifically Tango clothes, Rana Satori Designs are made for dancers.  These are one-of-a-kind dresses, skirts, tops and pants that are fun and colorful and designed for movement.  Rana is a life-long dancer and is based in Santa Cruz. You can buy her clothing via her Etsy Shop.

Change your clothes, change your life. Rana Satori design knows that you can affect the entire room with one great outfit!

Dance Dress


Linda Ayre, based in San Francisco, designs beautiful Tango dresses made to flow with the body. These dresses are great for performances or a special night out. Plus the models are some of our local SF tangueras.

Dancewear for social dancing and superior performance wear.
Individually cut to your body measurements.
Fabrics and design that enhance your performance.

• high end dancewear – Custom cut to your size
• fabulous fabrics with high quality construction.
• hand finished with great attention to detail


Soft Chocolates

Soft Chocolates skirtSoft Chocolates by Betsy Henderson designs lovely, comfortable pieces made for dancing. These Tango clothes are designed to melt around you, feel sensuous, and are characterized by styles that allow the dancer to be you.

Betsy made all her own clothes by the fifth grade, was a high school art teacher, a clothing design professor at major universities, and has experience in clothing design, fit and production in corporate environments, nationally and internationally. Her specialty has been custom designed clothing for special events and unique figure types, achieving a perfect fit for each client. She combines her love of dance, and since 2003, the Argentine tango with flowing fabrics as inspiration for her current Soft Chocolates® collection.



Tangoleva dress

On the Tangoleva website you can find a variety of lovely Tango outfits, from dresses and tops to skirts and pants, all made with the Tanguera in mind. Tangoleva has two lines of dancewear. One is Tangoleva Retail consisting of reasonably priced dresses, skirts, tops, pants, cover-ups and accessories, all made in the USA. The fabrics are mostly stretch fabrics, comfortable, allowing freedom of movement, easy care and wrinkle free. The other is Tangoleva Private Label designed and made locally in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Christina Black Skirt from TangoBabe.com

TangoBabe,  made in Los Angeles is inspired by the style of L.A.’s tango dancers, and is committed to quality, sensuality, affordability, and danceable.

The designer combines her passion for tango and many years of successful fashion designing to every detail, with the instinct of the dancer apparent in each style.

TangoBabe offers a variety of Tango clothes for women. Soft pants, skirts , tops and dresses.



Chat Noir Stardust Flair skirt

Chat Noir Stardust Flair skirt

ChatNoir, based out of Los Angeles, makes beautiful and oh so sexy tango dresses, tops and skirts. Their collection of danceable dresses, skirts, pants and tops “made perfect for stylish street strutting, effortless red carpet stunts and unforgettable dance floor burnings.”



If you are like me, you may end up with too many skirts and not enough matching tops.  I recently discovered PattyBoutik on Amazon.com.  They offer a variety of tops that are great for dancing. The material is soft, flows nicely and quite a few have fun back embellishments. They are very good quality for the price.

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