Tango Shoes

Below is a list of places in the Bay Area that you can buy Tango shoes. For tips on buying Tango shoes please visit the WEAR page.

Jennifer Olson – Comme il Faut, DNI, NeoTangos, Bandolera, Turquoise & Souple

Jennifer sells a variety of women’s tango shoes including Comme il Faut, DNI, and NeoTangos. She also has Bandolera Tango shoes which are made in Italy and have extra soft padding and Turquoise Tango shoes which are both incredibly sexy and the surest fit.  She now also has Souple dance shoes that are soft and flexible like a ballroom shoe with the character and support of a tango shoe. Please email her at tangojennifer@gmail.com with your size, and she will respond with photos of what is currently in stock.

You can also find her at various milongas and festivals in San Francisco and around the US.

For more information, please contact Jennifer at
tangojennifer@gmail.com or (971) 219-7075.
Website: www.tangojennifer.weebly.com

La Pista – Comme il Faut and NeoTango

768 Brannan Street, S.F. (between 6th & 7th St)

Look, try and buy shoes during classes, workshops, practicas and milongas or call to make an appointment.

They have  Comme il Faut and NeoTango for Men and Women

Visit website.


San Francisco Dancewear – Werner Kern Tango shoes

SF Dancewear, 659 Mission Street  San Francisco, CA 94105

SF Dancewear has an extensive collection of dance wear and dance shoes for all style of dance.  Most of their shoes are for ballroom, however, Werner Kern has a line of Tango shoes that are very nice.  The caveat is that they have very soft soles, so cannot be worn on the street.  This is also a great place to buy practice sneakers. Plus they have a great collection of stretchy, easy-to-move-in dance clothes.